ZOHO Products

Historically ZOHO has built its reputation around CRM, however it is more than that, with over 40 individual cloud based application that offers customers with a wide choice of business applications.


The ethical approach that ZOHO takes towards its customers is testimony to its products. ZOHO believes that a customer should want to use its applications, but in the event that it is not a right fit, then ZOHO allows 30 days to migrate from its platform.


Knowing that one day, you might return, never burning bridges.


There applications cover most business processes and are flexible to be configured to meet most processes. As ZOHO does not believe in having a sales team, its growth is down to word of mouth, and users and customer that become evangelists once they use ZOHO.

The main reason ZOHO adoption is so high is due to it easy of use.


DO NOT be beguiled into thinking that ease of use = lack of functionality. ZOHO is functionality rich covering the following areas:




Help Desk

People and Culture


BI and Analytics

Email and Office

Project Management