Our consultants know how to design, resource, implement, test and deliver IT projects.


Our clients have told us they want the following characteristics from their external Project Management resource:


  • Flexibility – able to adapt solutions to fit needs;
  • Dependability – to be reliable;
  • Productivity – add value through the project;
  • Affordability – meet the budget constraints agreed;
  • Likability – work well with the team already in place.


Our business model encourages consistent delivery of these characteristics.

To successfully manage projects on a consistent basis, we spend time at the outset with our clients thinking through the projects strategic rationale and assessing the options. Plan to succeed, in other words.


In every case our involvement is collaborative and closely engaged with the client. No two projects are the same. Fundamental to the success of a project is preparation of the business case which has been thoroughly thought through particularly with regard to practical impact and resource implications.


In every organisation there is inevitably resistance to change. SA consultants focus is always on ensuring the planned changes happen and expected outcomes are delivered.